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Student Assessment
Full featured Web-Based Assessment Solution
Secure, powerful, online and offline assessment solution for all PA needs.
Student Testing and Assessment
Student Assessment

eMedley PA saves you time, energy, and resources by automating your entire assessment process in a central online location. It handles everything from the administration of assessments to the production of detailed reports based on the specific competencies and outcomes your program tracks. Each system is configured to meet the specific needs of your individual program.

1. Test Creation & Preparation

Create interactive exams with complex question types and mapped curriculum standards. Customize the testing experience with features such as proctoring, test review, single-question-per-page, security codes,  lockdown browser, and much more.

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Student Testing and Assessment
Student Testing and Assessment

2. Student Scheduling & Test Assignment

Schedule tests using either the lockdown browser or an online setting. Students can download tests for offline test taking within the assigned time window. The student assessment module supports every scheduling need from security codes to extended time. When assigning the test, instructors can choose to use advanced features such as question randomization and configurable retakes. To ensure academic honesty, screen, video, and audio proctoring are testing options.

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3. Grading 

After students have completed the customizable test review, use a variety of automatic grading tools such as rubrics and assigned answers to complete grading in half the time. Need to change the point values for a question? Give extra credit? Curve a test? No problem.

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Student Testing and Assessment
Student Testing and Assessment

4. Analytics & Intelligence

Use advanced reports and intuitive dashboards to assess strengths and weaknesses of students relative to standards and competencies, question quality, average performance, and curriculum improvement.

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Featured Functionality

Lockdown Browser


Our custom lockdown browser helps promote extremely secure testing. Maintain the integrity of your exams by preventing students from using other programs and disabling common computer features like copy & pasting, screenshotting, and printing during the exam. The browser supports on and offline testing and is supported on PCs, Macs, and iPads.

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Student Testing and Assessment
Student Testing and Assessment

Team-based Learning

With the shift towards team-based learning, incorporating Individual Readiness Assurance Testing (iRAT) and Team Readiness Assurance Testing (tRAT) into the curriculum gives new insight into student readiness. These new testing methodologies combined with Scratch-Off Style Testing provide administrators with the most advanced testing system.

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Automated Proctoring

eMedley PA’s exam administration module is the only assessment platform with a fully-integrated automated-proctoring solution. Proctoring is easily enabled with just a single click – giving you confidence that tests are taken securely and honestly.
Screen, camera, and audio recordings are available during the test and afterwards. Powerful and robust machine learning algorithms analyze recordings and identify suspicious behaviors to be reviewed by instructors. Crackdown on academic misconduct with automated proctoring and instead focus on education and instruction.
Student Testing and Assessment
Student Testing and Assessment

Analytics and Dashboards

Reporting and analytics are incredibly important when it comes to understanding testing behavior. Comprehensive and intelligent dashboards and reports provide immediate feedback regarding student strengths and weaknesses, question quality, and average performance across time. These reports provide immediate feedback on what is and isn’t working to ensure that testing is tailored to your students’ needs.

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Student Assessment Features
Question Management
Question Banks
Bulk Import
Standards Alignment
Version Control
Student Testing and Assessment
Question Banks
Manage, save, and organize questions into customizable, multi-level folders and search across multiple question banks to add questions to tests. Question banks allow administrators to create assessments quickly and easily, while the associated permissions system allows questions to be shared across courses and ensures that changes can only be made by question managers.
Student Testing and Assessment
Bulk Import
Questions can be written in an RTF and imported straight into examN question banks, ready for use in tests. This makes using already-made questions from an external system or even just creating new questions in bulk quick and easy!
Student Testing and Assessment
Standards Alignment
Questions may be aligned to specific competencies and standards to help measure mastery. This feature helps create reports on student performance on given competencies and goals, which can then guide instructors as they refine their assessments and curriculum coverage. It also allows for easy alignment for either a single question or group of questions, making the alignment process more efficient.
Student Testing and Assessment
Version Control

eMedley PA’s version control feature for questions and tests is extremely robust and allows for the creation of multiple versions that can be used and reused. Editing questions will automatically create new versions without affecting past or current tests.

It’s easy to view and compare all past and current versions of questions and tests. Performance tracking on each version of the question and test is also available.

Testing Options
Schedule tests with an wide array of test-taking options that administrators can use to customize the exam process to their requirements.
Randomize the order of questions and even answer choices between student tests scheduled at the same time.
Scratch-Off Style Testing
Give students instant feedback on whether or not their answer is correct. Students can then choose different answers, receiving less points for each wrong attempt.
Configurable Retakes
Automatically schedule student retakes based on minimum allowable score up to a selected number of attempts.
Turn on proctoring features and record students’ webcams and screens during their test. Optionally enable automated event detection on recordings to flag suspicious events for admin review.
Getting tests in front of students is quick, efficient, and entirely configurable. Exams and quizzes can be scheduled far in advance or at a moment’s notice, each with its own unique set of features enabled.
Student Testing and Assessment
Timing Options
Schedule tests with custom-defined timing windows and exam time limits. Track student progress from when a test is downloaded to its submission.
Flexible Assignment
Efficiently schedule tests in customizable groups, from individual students to entire cohorts.
Extended Time
Add extra test-taking time to scheduled exams as needed, even during the test, for complete control over the exam process.
Offline Testing
The offline test-taking mode allows students to take a test offline without relying on internet access.
Security Codes
When enabled, students can only start the exam with a generated security code that is provided during the scheduling.
Lockdown Browser
Require students to use the Lockdown Browser to ensure the integrity of each exam.
Student Question Feedback
Enable the option for students to provide feedback on questions within the system after the test is taken for instructors to review and use when refining tests, lectures, and class structure.
Test Taking

The student assessment module offers real-time test progress updates where administrators can view students’ answers and current page as students take the exam.

Additionally, it makes the test-taking experience for students easy-to-navigate and intuitive while offering a wide range of features for increased exam success.

Review Panel
Students can visually track progress and see at-a-glance the status of questions on their current page and overall exam. Students can also select a question to quickly jump to any question on the test.
Hide Screen
Hide test from view while the timer runs in the background. Useful if a student needs to leave their computer while others are testing in the same room.
A reusable scratchpad for students to make notes during the exam. Administrators can review along with their submission.
Student Testing and Assessment
Automated Grading
Automated Grading
Automatic grading saves time and guarantees consistent scoring across exams. Additionally, administrators have complete control to override automatically-graded questions to grade or adjust specific question or test scores manually.
Question Adjustment
If adjustments need to be made after an exam has already been taken, graders can use the question-adjustment interface. From here, graders can make corrections such as throwing out questions, adjusting correct answers, and more across all exams quickly and easily!
Student Testing and Assessment
Manual Grading

For more open-ended questions, manual grading is necessary. eMedley PA still helps graders, though. Our intuitive interfaces offer multiple options for approaching grading. Graders can choose to grade by student or by question. We also offer grading rubrics to streamline grading and eliminate subjectivity in grading open-ended questions. 

Student Testing and Assessment
Grade by Student
This interface presents tests in the usual way, with graders viewing one student’s entire test at once. The interface is designed to make grading more streamlined, though, so graders can also view the student’s information on the left side of the screen and can also easily switch between students within the interface.
Grade by Question
This interface is ideal for graders who prefer to grade all tests one question at a time or for classes where grading is divided between multiple people by question. With this option, graders easily go through each question on the exam and grade all responses to that question at once before moving onto another question.
Student Testing and Assessment
Grading Rubrics
Rubric Management
Build custom color-coded grading rubrics to help grade open-ended questions more objectively.
Weigh each rubric criteria differently by assigning points to individual grading criteria.
Provide instructions for each criteria and grading level combination to ensure that graders are grading similar responses equally.
Curriculum Mapping
Tie grading criteria to one or more standards, competencies, or objectives to consistently grade essay questions.
Allow or force graders to put in comments for each criteria grade. Include overall comments for the entire grade or score.
Not Applicable
Criteria that is marked as “Not Applicable” will automatically not be calculated in overall scores.
Test Review
Test reviews done immediately upon exam completion or during a scheduled time period allows students to assess and evaluate their performance. Administrators can add reviews to any exam and control what the student can see with following options.
Overall Score
How the student did on the exam as a whole.
Points Per Question
How many points individual questions were worth.
Student Answer
The answer that the student selected as correct for each question.
Correct/Possible Answer
The actual correct answer and/or any possible answers for each question.
Provided reasoning, context, or any other extra information behind the correct answers.
Student Performance Tracking
Strengths and Opportunities
Track student performance on tests and compare results to peers as well as designated standards. Obtain targeted insights about the mastery of the tested material at the individual student level.
Score Analysis
View scores for a given test or all scores for selected students or cohorts in a succinct, easy-to-read format. Analyze the data to find trends relating to how students perform against their peers or if they are struggling with specific concepts.
Test Percentiles
Display the breakdown of all scores for a given test as well as their percentiles. Use this information to gain a general overview of how well students understood the tested material and insight into what areas need additional instruction.
Test Responses
View student responses to questions in a test alongside the correct answer, if answered incorrectly. Easily compare student performance and find commonly-missed questions to identify poorly-worded questions or gaps in instruction.
View the distribution of student scores to examine potential areas where the curriculum may be falling short for your students.
Measure student performance based on known industry standards to analyze a student’s skillset. Gain insight into how well students are doing in relation to overall course goals using the calculated mastery percentages and student proficiency indicators.
Question Analysis by Test
View responses and frequencies for each question on a test, for the entire test, section term, or submission group.
Strengths/Opportunities Analysis
Displays a student’s mastery of each mapped standard in comparison to their peers.
Student Performance by Test
Student performance on every test they’ve taken.
Response Distribution by Test
Displays the breakdown of all responses to a test’s questions for certain question types.
Student Performance by Schedule Group
Displays student mastery on mapped standards in a test for students scheduled within a specified group.
Student Performance by Student
Focus on an individual student’s performance on standard mastery and more.
Standards Gap/Overlay Analysis
Identify which standards or competencies are covered/not covered through tests.
Student Performance by Cohort
Student performance for a specified cohort by scores or standards.
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Student Testing and Assessment