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Learning Management System
Expand Your Classroom
Make interacting, sharing, grading, analyzing, planning, and staying in touch with students easier for everyone.
Learning Management
Learning Management
eMedley PA is one of the platforms to implement a feed style, which is similar to a social media feed, to give students and faculty a modern look they are more familiar. Students see an integrated feed of assignments, announcements, and newly added materials from all of their classes in one place. Increase engagement in the feed by adding videos, blogs, social media posts and more. Reduce the administration load instructors have with grading through the powerful grade that automates importing grades, grade calculating, grade weighting, and curving grades.
Learning Management
Build an interactive classroom
Course Feed
Whether it is an announcement, discussion assignment, or funny video posted to the course feed, users can interact by “liking” the post and/or replying to it. This mode of interaction is common in the modern world, whether it be in business chat services or social media, making it a familiar, intuitive way to build classroom unity.
Everything being located in one simple secure location makes free communication safe and efficient. Send messages directly to individual students for sensitive information or conversations unique to them. Alternatively, message students in groups to discuss their collaborative work, makeup work for a day multiple students missed, or to share an article relevant to their particular specialties.
Choose whether you want discussions to be graded or ungraded. Like other assignments you create, discussions will be posted in the course feed. Students then click to open the discussion, read their peers’ thoughts, and respond. Discussions allow students to learn from each other and help them build skills needed to have professional conversations and disagreements.
Types of Posts
Quickly communicate information between class sessions by sending out announcements. Choose whether you want the announcement to go out to all users, a specified group, or a hand-picked audience. The announcement shows up in the students’ integrated course feeds and can be linked to sessions when integrated with clinical scheduling.
Post discussion topics, papers, and videos for your students to respond to and master through collaborative learning. It’s discussion interface allows for quick and easy post moderation and navigation by student or by thread.
Attach relevant files, videos, or images to assign homework for students to complete and submit by an optional due date.
Quizzes & Exams
When integrated with student assessment, instructors can assign tests and quizzes directly to the feed so your students can access them all in one place. It can even automatically import your students scores right into the section’s Gradebook.
A wide variety of options for each post
eMedley PA gives instructors rich control over their post content, enabling them to easily communicate specific materials and information to their students.
Grade or Ungraded
Choose whether each assignment will be for a grade or just for student enrichment. Set the number of points and category of graded assignments, so instructors can keep grades organized.
Due Date
Set the due date and time for each assignment to prevent late submissions. Assignment due dates will appear in the feed calendar so students can see due dates at a glance.
Flexible Visibility
Schedule the starting and end dates for when a feed post will be visible to students. Create assessments privately ahead of time, limit visibility after an assignment is due, or set assignments to publish in the future.
Limit a post so it only sends to a particular group of students or even certain individuals. Provide specific materials directly to the students that need them, while avoiding confusion for the rest.
Include links in your post to provide students with relevant resources and keep students up to date with articles, news stories, videos, threads, and blog posts. Students can see quick info about links and even view videos directly from the post.
Attach documents to posts to share them with students quickly and easily. Files can be uploaded from your computer or from the database of previously uploaded files.
Curriculum Website Integration
When integrated with the curriculum management, link each assignment to a session to connect it to related material, scheduling information, and learning objectives.

Make the most of your time and expertise. Our fast, powerful, and intuitive gradebook takes the administrative load of grading off of instructors and allows them to focus on actually instructing. Grade weighting, curving, and calculating can all be automated, and grades can be imported from external applications. The powerful gradebook was designed to handle complex courses with features such as calculated columns, custom grading scales, curves, and more.

Step One: Customize
Step Two: Input Grades
Step Three: Analyze and Adjust
Learning Management
Depending on program or course needs, grading scales can be as simple as pass/fail or very complex. eMedley PA allows instructors to build custom grading scales with the ability to specify whether a given grade permits the student to earn credit for the course or not. The gradebook supports an unlimited amount of grading categories to make it easier to organize assignments and customize grading. The categories work in tandem with grading scales and weights to create the best gradebook that fits the specific needs of each course or program. Use automatic weighting to control how much each grading category affects a student’s final grade.
Learning Management
Input Grades
Assignments can be automatically imported into the gradebook along with their submissions to make grading easier. If grades are offline, upload these assignments from an external spreadsheet. Also, easily import assignments and grades from other sections if needed. By integrating LMS with student assessments and evaluations, track, score, and automatically import completed evaluations, quizzes, and exams. When importing grades, define a formula to calculate a composite grade from other entered grades for different views of grades.
Learning Management
Analyze and Adjust
Take full control of student grades by setting curves for assignments, setting grade adjustments, and manually overriding student grades. View student grades by section or by student. Generate exportable spreadsheet reports to get targeted data insights regarding student performance.
Attendance Tracking

When students attend class consistently, they often are exposed to the material more, and they have the opportunity to ask questions and learn from other students’ questions. They tend to participate in more active learning than those learning at home and build valuable connections with their instructors and peers. Track student attendance in our easy-to-use, customizable attendance tracker without having to leave eMedley PA.

Managing Attendance
Engineered for ease-of-use, it’s attendance grid allows you to cycle through attendance statuses just by clicking a cell.
Benefit from powerful reports on student and section attendance over time.
Configure the attendance tracker for your needs, choosing between tracking by day or session.

Quickly track attendance for dates and sessions configured in curriculum management

Lesson Plans
eMedley PA’s “Lesson Plans” feature is a versatile tool used to build custom sites quickly and easily. Its primary function, of course, is to build lesson plans for instructors’ own reference or for students to view and follow along. Sites can also be built for a course, though; add instructor information, meeting times, the syllabus, assignment information, and anything else that will be helpful for everyone involved in the class to have access to.
Create a Lesson Plan Site
Add Content to Lesson Plan
Review and Adjust
Learning Management
Create a Lesson Plan Site
Within eMedley PA, create a lesson plan site. Choose whether the site is password protected and, if so, create a custom password. Alter the site’s visual style by choosing from pre-loaded templates and themes to instantly customize the appearance of the entire site. The site automatically creates a menu for easy navigation.
Learning Management
Add Content to Lesson Plan
Within the lesson plan site, create individual pages. Choose whether you want each page to be a lesson, or whether you want the site dedicated to one lesson with each page displaying content for a sub-topic. Each page has the option to be password protected. Users set the page title, select which is the home page, and can toggle whether it is included in the main navigation menu (altering how accessible it is to other users). Each page has different content blocks you can add including: text, images, files, and quizzes.
Learning Management
Review and Adjust
Use the layout editor to rearrange the content blocks by dragging them into the perfect order. Then, open a preview to see how it will look when published, and use the “builder” feature to make any edits or adjustments from this preview interface.
Mobile Access
Flexibility is a crucial component of a digital education. Educators can maintain an uninterrupted curriculum by preparing for the unexpected. eMedley PA’s mobile app is downloadable for both iOS and Android devices, providing more options for programs to use to increase overall functionality. Whether it be sickness, computer crashes, or a global pandemic, educators know that being prepared for the unexpected can save a lot of stress.
Learning Management
Full Functionality
The mobile app offers the same functionality as the desktop app. It is designed to offer maximum performance and availability on a mobile device.
Increased Flexibility
If the computer crashes or other unexpected technology issues arise, students can often use their mobile device until the issue is resolved. It’s mobile functionality allows these students to remain involved in class during the interim.
Compatible with any devices that have iOS or Android installed.
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Find out how you can use eMedley PA to handle all didactic and clinical needs by streamlining and organizing program administration at every step.
Learning Management