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Our Features Separate Us From Others
Creating the most state-of-the-art end-to-end solution for PA programs.

Documentation Management Features







Student Management


There’s no shortage of student information that can be tracked, including photos, commendations and concerns, immunizations, documentation, enrollments, and more.

Preceptor Management

With intuitive, easy-to-use interfaces, manage preceptor information such as credentials, license information, documentation, and more.

Clinical Site Management


Manage and track clinical sites and their respective affiliations, location demographics, logistics, and documentation management requirements.

Student Documentation Tracking


Store and track student’s required documents, whether it be their vaccinations, training, certification, regulatory documents, contracts, or anything else.

Student Documentation Approval


Student’s may personally upload documents to be approved by faculty or administration.

Affiliation Agreement Tracking


Centralize documents, expirations dates, and contracts with clinical sites into one place and receive automated reminders of expiration dates.

Expiration Reporting


As documentations are nearing expiration, receive reminders to ensure all documents stay up-to-date.

Required Documentation Reporting


A report to display students, faculty, and preceptors that are missing required documents.

Mail Merge


Pull contact information from all types of contacts (students, faculty, preceptors, site administrators) into the Email Merge module with built in mail templates.

Curriculum Management Features






Course Management

Full control over managing program courses.

Curriculum Mapping


Custom curriculum structure for aligning program competencies and accreditation standards.

Gap Analysis

Run reports to show the program’s curriculum gaps.

Overlap Analysis

Run reports to show the program’s curriculum overlaps.

Curriculum Calendar


Schedule course sessions or general events into a comprehensive curriculum calendar.

Curriculum Website

Publish a version of the curriculum website with only publicly available course content.

Syllabus Generation

Generate a syllabus based on course section information in eCurriculum.

Student Assessment Features






Question Management

Manage the process of question creation to aligning standards to those questions.

Test Management


Manage all tests from importing questions to scheduling.

Secure Lockdown Browser


The lockdown browser prevents a student from navigating to other sites or applications on their computer while a test is ongoing.

Offline Testing

Tests can be taken without internet and will be automatically uploaded as soon as internet returns.

Question Mapping

A user-friendly interface allows for aligning or tagging multiple questions to relevant standards, competencies, and more. Use these to review student performance on each topic, helping to refine the class’ focus going forward and with curriculum adjustments.

Test Reviews

Specify a period after the test during which a student can look at the solutions, encouraging students to do it in a timely manner and also protecting your assessment material. Add additional security for the test review process by requiring a security code to review answers. 

Student Dashboard

Displays a student’s mastery of each mapped standard in comparison to their peers.

Question Item Analysis


View responses and frequencies for each question on a test, for the entire test, section term, or submission group.

Question History Tracking

View the history of a question from the initial creation to current version.

Team Based Testing

Have the system automatically schedule individual and group tests following the iRAT/tRAT process. 

Scratch-off Testing

Use the new, institute testing method of “retaking questions as you go.”

Grading Rubrics

Grade open-ended questions efficiently and more accurately by defining a rubric.

Automatic Grading

Supported questions will be automatically scored, graded, and added to the total with no extra effort from you.


After a test, adjust point values to questions, apply a curve, throw out questions, etc.

Strengths Reporting

View each student’s progress on a test to better understand what the student has mastered and what they should focus on moving forward.

Performance Dashboard

View intelligence graphs, charts, and displays to understand student, test, section, and overall behavior of a program.

Learning Management Features








Attach relevant files, videos, or images to assign homework for students to complete and submit by an optional due date.


A robust and intuitive gradebook full of options to make grading faster, easier, and free of frustration.



Track student attendance in our easy-to-use, customizable attendance tracker. Cycle through attendance status by clicking a cell.

Discussion Board

Post discussion topics, papers, and videos for your students to respond to and discuss in a thread.

Course Calendar

Keep students up-to-date and on schedule with the course calendar that not only displays upcoming events or deadlines but provides reminders as well.

Clinical Scheduling Features







Capacity Tracking

Specify and track the number of students a clinical site, preceptor, and/or region will accommodate when scheduling.

Schedule Planner

With columns representing scheduling periods, the planner allows administrators to schedule students to sites, track capacities, and click each box to view schedule details.

Preference Based Automated Scheduling


Automatically place students in schedules based on their preferences for the time period, site, preceptor, and the available capacities.

Patient Tracking Features






Time Logging


Keep tabs on how much time students are spending at sites, with patients, and consulting with preceptors.

Case Logging

Quickly input all of the patient’s information on any device at any moment.

Diagnosis Tracking


Ensure students gain exposure to ICD-10 with pre-loaded codes to track diagnoses.

Procedure Tracking


Ensure students gain exposure to CPT codes with pre-loaded codes to track procedures.

Required Experience Tracking


Track the students required rotations that have been completed or still need to be.

Experience Dashboard


Dynamic dashboards allow for slicing and dicing of data in multiple ways for strategic decision making.

Student Dashboard


Students build and maintain comprehensive portfolios to showcase their experiences, credentials, resume, and more.

Evaluation Features






Student Evaluating Course


Course evaluations offer administrators and instructors insight on the students’ experience in the course. This information can then be used to adjust and improve course content.

Student Evaluating Faculty


Faculty evaluations allow students to offer feedback which can faculty can use to determine what techniques students found most helpful and what they may want to adjust.

Faculty Evaluating Student

These evaluations offer an overall review and specific analysis of a student’s performance which can then be shared with students for a heightened understanding of their performance.

Student Evaluating Site and Preceptor


Offer valuable feedback on strengths and areas for improvement to preceptors and clinical sites.

Preceptor Evaluating Student


Preceptors evaluate students based on their performance on clinical skills for improvement.

Faculty Evaluating Site


Faculty evaluate site visits, allowing faculty to gain a better understanding of student experiences at the site.

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